Type Battle 32, The Book Cover Competition

Typohpile has a new Type Battle up, this one centered around creating a book cover, with the subject of the book chosen by the random Wikipedia article chooser. But that’s not all! You then have to search the keywords from your title through the LIFE magazines photo archive that Google put up, and use one of the images that come up using those parameters… does that make sense?

Anyhow, I thought I’d try it out and I ended up getting Horns of Ock Street, which was from an incident in the 1700’s where a bunch of crazy guys roasted an ox and then had a fight over the horns. The Ock Street guys beat the Vineyard Guys, so they got to keep the horns and put it over their bar, er something. So I found this sweet photo of horns and made it colorful. Ta da!

You can still enter, I’m not really sure when the battle ends, but if you do, leave a description and link to your entry in the comments, I’d love to see what everyone else does.


December 12, 2008