The Mollusk Family Poster Show

Last Saturday was The Mollusk Family Poster Show in San Francisco, where they had a bunch of limited edition screenprints for sale from a ton of artists like Geoff McFetridge, Thomas Campbell, Jeff Canham, Kyle Field, Christopher Gentile, Rachel Kaye, Alex Kopps, John McCambridge, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Jay Nelson, Nathaniel Russell, Jeff Scharf.

My favorite of all them was Todd St. John’s contribution which you see above. I personally feel like he nailed it on this print, with some really odd/wonderful imagery and an amazing shade of green. The show will be up at Mollusk until January 16th, but if you can’t make it you can still buy any of these prints from their online store for $60, just click the word ART on the left side of the site.


December 11, 2008 / By