Poster Children | Recreating Great Depression Era Posters

Readymade recently asked five great artists to come up with some posters based around the posters you would find around the time of the Great Depression, obviously because of the U.S.’s current economic climate. As Steven Heller wrote in his intro to the project:

Given the current economic meltdown, this 75th anniversary of the New Deal has particular resonance. How might the current government stem the tide of economic and psychological depression? Can artists and designers help in similar ways today? It’s curious that the WPA style has been reprised in the recent past as a quaint retro conceit, but today may be an opportune time for a brand-new graphic language—equal in impact to the original initiative, but decidedly different—to help rally the cause of hope and optimism.

The two posters above are from Mike Perry and Nick Dewar, respectively, and there are posters from Christopher Silas Neal, Open, and Christoph Neal as well. You can download these posters as PDF’s for your own uses by clicking here.

Found through Monoscope, who’s also rocking an amazing new logo.


December 11, 2008