Element’s Conscious by Nature Collection

Spotted these sweet Element sneakers in the latest issue of Antenna and thought they were pretty rad. But it wasn’t until I kept learned a little bit more about them that I really understood how cool they were. They’re a part of Element’s new Conscious by Nature line, which features shoes that are made eco-friendlier. The product description sums up the shoes nicely:

It’s made from sustainable materials, with chemical free shell textiles, bamboo collar, tongue and insole linings, ortholite insole foam in place of EVA, soy-based ink logo treatments, 100% water-based cement, and natural crepe outsole.

So not only are these rugged and manly looking, with their plaid bodies and heathered uppers, but they’re also a little bit better for the environment. At first I thought I liked the bottom pair, the Why-No CC, but I think I’m digging the top pair more, the Omahigh. Either way they’re quite a pair of beautiful shoes.

You can pick up the Omahighs by clicking here.
You can snag the Why-No CCs by clicking here.


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  1. Paul December 11, 2008 at 6:56 AM

    just got a pair of the Omahighs last week! Excited even if I wont wear them until April aka when the snow melts in Canada.

  2. Nic January 9, 2009 at 5:02 PM

    Just got my pair in the mail! Thanks for keeping your blog fresh.

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