They Don’t Pierce The Night | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape

They Don’t Pierce The Night | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape
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Here’s my second treat for the morning, another new mixtape. This one has been kicking around for a couple months now, but I’ve been trying to stagger the mixes a bit so that each mix gets it’s own attention. It’s called They Don’t Pierce The Night, and is a pretty sentimental mix. It was made for someone that I care deeply for, but it’s very nostalgic at the same time.

There’s also an odd twist to the mix. It’s actually based off of The Velvet Underground’s self titled album from 1969. I tried to match the tone of the album, and as you’ll notice, Pale Blue Eyes is on here as well as If You Rescue Me, a modified version of After Hours used for the film Science of Sleep. As per usual I went a little crazy with the deeper meanings on this album, and hopefully that shows.

Lastly, this is not a holiday album, that one should be done next week as many of you have been asking for one. Sit tight, I promise to get you all something. And with that, I hope you enjoy this sentimental little mixtape I’ve made.

01 The Apidistra Flies by Stars
02 Teen Creep by No Age
03 Heart From All Of Us by White Denim
04 Honest James by Thurston Moore
05 I’ll Be Yr Bird by M. Ward
06 Lender in the Temple by Conor Oberst
07 Hymn and Her by Earlimart
08 It’s A Motherfucker by Eels
09 Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground
10 If You Rescue me by Gael Garcia Bernal


December 10, 2008