The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Adrian Fleet

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Adrian Fleet

Adrian Fleet

Good morning everybody. Sorry I missed out last week, but I have two fun surprises for this morning. The first is the awesome desktop you see above by Mr. Adrian Fleet, a UK illustrator who wrote to tell me that we were connected in three rather odd ways. He also sent me a link to his work which features all sorts of weird ass monster-y people, all of them colored in with this great color palette he uses.

The wallpaper above is Adrian’s “entirely depressing and pessimistic view of the Earth”, though he says, “I’ve managed to make it look laughable. (I never could take myself seriously).” I couldn’t agree more. I’m so in love with all he craggly little details he’s put into this, there’s seriously so much going on here, I’m sure people will definitely do a double take when they pass by your screen.

December 10, 2008 / By