Newsbits is something new I want to try, as I read quite a lot of stuff online, and often never pass it onto anyone, ever. So what this is going to be is fun and random articles that I enjoyed with a brief bit about why I liked them. News + Bits = Newsbits.

Is Bill Murray NYC’s New Party Boy?

An amazing article about Bill Murray being the coolest guy in New York. My favorite part is toward the end where they discuss the urban myth of Bill Murray surprising a man in Central Park. You’ll have to read it for the punchline to that one.

Marc Jacobs is the Shameless High Priest of Fashion

I love reading anything and everything about Marc Jacobs, he’s such a big inspiration for me. Articles like this simply fuel that fire.

A.V. Club Interview with Wes Anderson

Since Bottle Rocket has been released on Criterion Collection Wes Anderson sat down with A.V. Club to have a little chat about it as well as what his favorite first films are.

Designer of the Year: The Incredible Suit-Shrinking Man

This one is kind of an old one, but I had been meaning to pick up this GQ that dubbed Thom Browne the designer of the year for 2008. I think his clothes are pretty great, and slightly off-kilter, which is always fun. I also loved learning a few intimate details about Mr. Browne as well, like that he eats white toast and coffee every morning. For some reason those little details intrigue me.


December 10, 2008