Let The Right One In

A few weeks ago I saw Let The Right One In, a Swedish vampire film about a little boy named Oskar who ends up befriending a little girl named Eli (pronounced Ill-ee) that moves next door to him, who also happens to be a vampire. The story follows their growing fondness for each other, as well as how they start to change because of their friendship.

I absolutely adored this movie, it was so well done. The cinematography was absolutely amazing, with tons of beautiful blues and whites combined with deep yellows and reds. The pacing of the story was also really great, with lots of little twists and turns that kept the story moving and really interesting. There are some kinda cheesy parts, but I enjoyed those as well, like the movie didn’t take itself too seriously.

Overall I would say this is hands down the best vampire movie of the year, fuck Twilight and it’s teeny bopper shit, haha… If you get a chance to see this then do it, don’t waste the opportunity. Also check out the trailer under the cut, as well as a preview of the movie and an interview with the director Tomas Alfredson.


December 6, 2008