Nixon Unveils Headphones

I post a lot about Nixon, and for good reason. They started out doing one thing, making watches, and started making them better and better. Since then they’ve grown to include clothing and other accessories, but their newest venture has me really excited.

What you see above is their new headphones called Wire headphones, which will also be accompanied by two other styles as well, the Master Blaster and Nomadic, which are more traditional over the ear style. I’m so in love with these, the details totally make them. The version above is made for the iPhone, so there’s the two details of the ear piece, and the third is the mic. The clean and simple details definitely rival even those of Apple, especially looking at the white version, just in a different sort of way.

These are gonna run you $90, but the range of headphones they have run anywhere from $40 to $200, depending upon your needs. The headphones should be coming out any time now, but until then click here to see the entire range of goodies!


December 5, 2008