Martin de Thurah’s Young Man Falling

A couple weeks ago I popped over to The Hammer for their last night of the year collaborating with the folks over at FLUX for a screening of Martin de Thurah’s newest film, Young Man Falling. Googling Martin de Thurah I realized that he did that AMAZING Carpark North video for their song Human, which I’ve placed under the cut for you all to check out.

The story of Young Man Falling is essentially about the changing emotions of a 17 year old boy. He’s slightly neurotic, and not really sure of his emotions and what he’s feeling. This idea of your feelings becoming physically evident is something that de Thurah does amazingly in all his work, and especially in Young Man Falling. For example, after witnessing a car crash, the boy is so traumatized by the site he sees he can only hear the sound of the dead man’s watch ticking. It’s little details like these that make the film a really stellar one.

There’s the trailer above to watch, as well as his video for Human under the cut, so check those out. And if you get a chance to see Young Man Falling anywhere, I suggest you do it. FLUX also has a great interview with Martin de Thurah on their site, which you can read here.


December 3, 2008