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Pilen Concept Bike by ADDI

I am absolutely in love with this concept bike created by ADDI for Pilen. The bike was created by Johan Malmqvist, Andréas Karlsson and Eric Therner, Swedish designers who are creating some really great furniture pieces, but have now dabbled into transportation. The bike was inspired by Le Mans styl ebikes, and is supposed to give people the idea of a sports car. I think the shape is really beautiful, with the dual top bar (I have no idea what that thing is called) arching beautifully from the spoke to the handlebars, which are also shaped quite interestingly as well.

I’m not sure if Pilen has any plans to release it, in Sweden or in America, but if they should if the know what’s good for them!

Zuriick’s Jack Jack Sneaker

As I’ve written about before, I’m pretty mild when it comes to shoes. Most of my shoes are white, black, or dark blue, with an occasional oddball pair mixed in, but I spotted this pair of Zuriick sneakers called Jack Jack on Blackbird the other day and something about them really struck me. I haven’t owned a high top since I was 8, but I really like the combination of pea green with the cream and black. That little stripe of pink around the sole is also a nice detail. But what really makes these awesome is that they’re only $92… awesome.

Also take a visit to Zuriick’s site for lots more pics and styles.


You Call That A City Guide, Monocle?

I have extremely conflicted feelings when it comes to Monocle, a magazine that covers everything from world issues to what the next hottest bag designer will be. On one hand I think they’re slightly brilliant. The design of the magazine is pretty flawless, using a tight and concise grid system and only photos taken on film, they have high standards and they’re stories delve into areas of the world not covered by by pretty much anyone else. On the other hand though, I can find the magazine and it’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé extremely pretentious. I have no idea what type of person enjoys all the things featured in the magazine, but it’s certainly not me, as I make much less than 100k a year, nor do I travel around the world going to day spas. Nonetheless, I applaud the magazine for the niche it fills.

But I visited the website last week (a beautifully seamless extension of the magazine) and came upon a city guide showcasing the top 25 business and resort cities in the world. Curious, I took a gander at the Los Angeles guide, curious to see what made the cut. Reading it through it, my jaw dropped and I couldn’t help but laugh at the most ludicrous list I’ve ever read. Read under the cut for a long winded rant about how Monocle totally screwed up this list.

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Neck Face’s Top 5 Everythings

Crailtap recently put up a list of Neck Face’s Top 5’s, a list compromised of odd little details like his ‘Top 5 Movies’ (Braveheart being his #1, wtf) and ‘Top 5 ways to bum out chicks’ (puke on them). My favorite on the list though is under the ‘Top 5 things to spend 5 bucks on’, where he gives a shout to my favorite taco truck in Los Angeles, “Three tacos and a drink at Taco Zone in Silverlake.” Clearly Neck Face knows his shit. Check out the rest of the list, it’s a fun read.