The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Craig Redman

Dour Darcel Wallpaper

Craig Redman

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I didn’t forget the Desktop Wallpaper Project this week, I just wanted to wait till today to release a special Thanksgiving edition wallpaper done by Mr. Craig Redman. I’m a big fan of Craig’s work, whether it’s the things he creates with Australia’s finest design outfit, Rinzen, or on his personal (auto-biographical?) project Darcel Disappoints, he’s always crafting up some creative goodness.

This weeks wallpaper features the always hysterical Darcel in a piece Craig calls ‘Thanksgiving Under Duress’. Darcel is rocking a Native American head dress while old-timey guns are pointed his way… what a way to celebrate the holiday! I love love love this wallpaper, and it looks REALLY awesome on my iPhone, just want to throw that out there. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and I’ll be back to posting by Monday at the latest!

November 27, 2008