Grey Deerfield Weekender Bag

For the last few months my inspirations have started shifting sharply, from architecture to fashion, I guess I’ve caught the sartorial bug. So now I always keep my eye out for good buys, clothing and accessories that aren’t too expensive but will still look great. When I saw this great weekender bag by Deerfield on Urban Outfitters, I knew it fit my requirements.

First of it’s a faux grey leather, and I’m slightly obsessed with grey leather at the moment, so that’s a plus. Then there’s the fact that it’s only $48, which is way cheap. I also think the pattern of the lining is pretty sharp as well. I really wanted to use this for my Thanksgiving trip home this week, so I tried stopping by two UO’s today, but sadly they only carry the black and tan versions in store. Bummer.


November 25, 2008 / By