Air Crosswalk by Art Lebedev

The folks over at Art Lebedev have started to extend their creative reach from fancy ass keyboards into the realm of public safety with one of their newest concepts, the Air Crosswalk. The idea is rather a simple, but ingenious one. Basically they’ve strung together these giant lights that mimic the zebra crosswalk pattern, which would help drivers see pedestrians much easier. It would also give a clear signal as to where the crosswalk is, which comes in handy in snowy climates.

I love this idea because because it’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it just makes so much sense. The first Air Crosswalk is being installed in Tumen, Russia in 2009, but hopefully we’ll see more of these elsewhere in the world as well. If this interested you, be sure to check out their ideas for stop lights as well, the rendered graphics are worth your time at the very least.


November 25, 2008