Heiko Müller

I’m totally smitten with the work of Heiko Müller, a German painter who does absolutely the most interesting paintings I’ve seen in a long time. I came across Heiko months ago, but I was recently reacquainted with his work going through some old emails the other day. His style is kind of creepy, a lot weird, but I feel like no one’s really doing anything like him.

The piece above is titled Gugl Männer 02 and is kinda KKK, kinda creepy Disney, but there’s something I really like about it. I would absolutely kill for a print of this, but sadly he doesn’t have any for sale, or at least I couldn’t find any. Be sure to check out his site, as well as his Flickr, lots of good stuff to see. Absolutely beautiful work.


November 22, 2008