Exclusive Photos of Space 15 Twenty

This morning I woke up at 7am with a drive to get shit done, and shit was definitely done. Not really planning on it, I decided to pop over to Space 15 Twenty, a”retail experiment” created by the folks over at Urban Outfitters which allows them “to collaborate with creative brands we find inspiring and interesting.” I parked in front of the Space, walked up, and started taking photos, no one said anything to me, so I was able to get some pretty cool shots. Basically what they’ve done is taken a big warehouse off of Sunset Blvd. and turned into a hipster strip mall, and I don’t mean that in a negative way whatsoever.

The Space so far features Urban Outfitters, Alife, What Comes Around Goes Around, Hennessey + Ingalls, We The Free, Snack Bar, Samantha Pleet, and Hope Gallery. The space is absolutely amazing, lots of natural woods, exposed bricks, and little nooks and crannies to explore. Space 15 Twenty opens today/tonight officially, so if you’re in the LA area you should definitely pop over and check it out, though I’m sure it’s gonna be a hot mess.

There are a ton of photos under the cut as well, so be sure to check those out!
P.S. How rad is that giant Andy Rementer billboard?!


November 21, 2008