The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Nathan Fox (1/3)

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Nathan Fox

Nathan Fox

Click here to see Nathan’s second wallpaper.
Click here to see Nathan’s third wallpaper.

Good morning everyone! First off I just wanted to say sorry for not putting up the DWP the last two weeks. I really have no excuse other than being really busy and not setting enough time aside to do it. So hopefully this weeks triple attack will make up for it?! This weeks artist is one of my favorite illustrators, a guy who’s style I’ve been a fan of for years now. His name is Nathan Fox, and I’ve definitely written about him before on the site. Recently he just finished an awesome comic called Pigeons in Hell, which is based off of a Robert E. Howard story. Mr. Fox was gracious enough to give me three wallpapers to use, so I figured since I didn’t post the last 2 weeks, this might make up for it a little bit.

These wallpapers all remind me of the Derby Dolls I saw on Saturday, featuring sexy chicks who could kick your ass. The first one is some sort of trippy, 3D explosion, with the lady making some sort of crazy mess… I really don’t know what it is, but I love the randomness of it. The next one seems straightforward enough, but can you spot the difference? The last one is totally random as well, featuring a busty young gal squeezing her favorite octopi stuffed animal.

I hope you all enjoy these, and I swear that I’ll keep the project going more consistently from here on out!

November 12, 2008