‘Dark Days’

I was out at a bar earlier tonight and the DJ was playing some really great, laid back music, which made me think of DJ Shadow, which then in turn made me think of Dark Days, the documentary by Marc Singer featuring a group of homeless people who were leaving in the abandoned Freedom Tunnel in New York. The documentary came out in August of 2000, and shed a light (literally and figuratively) on a subculture of people living in abandoned tunnels under New York, showing how they survived in such an odd circumstance. There are scenes of drug use, a lot of strong language, but it’s such and interesting look at a time and place that seems impossible in a city like New York.

The soundtrack is also by DJ Shadow, which is what made me think of all of this in the first place. The video above is the whole doc, so if you have some time, try and watch the whole thing, it’s absolutely worth it.


November 10, 2008