Videos from the Cold War Modern Exhibit

Good Monday to everyone. It’s not always easy to get into the groove Monday, creatively or any other way, but I was watching these videos from the Cold War Modern exhibit and they were totally inspiring to me. The exhibit is currently taking place at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and features art, design, architecture, and film that was coming out during the Cold War, from 1945-1970. The range of items produced is fantastic, as you can see on this page, where you go from Eames chairs to Vespas to environmental posters designed by Buckminster Fuller.

The two videos above were my favorite. The top one is the master of industrial design Dieter Rams, a man who’s vision shaped and inspired Jonathon Ive, giving us the wonderful Apple products we have today. He’s still as sharp and insightful as ever, and it’s really cool to listen to him speak about the items he’s created and his thoughts on design. The second one features the Jested Telecommunications Tower and Hotel which lies in the Czech Republic, an amazing absolutely amazing building. What they decided to do was create a dual space, both a communications building and a hotel. The story is quite incredible, and watching the video and seeing the spaces they’ve created is marvelous.

Check these out (and the beautiful V&A logo) and hopefully this sparks something in everyone!


November 3, 2008