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An Awesome Collection of Bottlecaps

As some of you may have noticed, the amount of posts on the site has greatly decreased. This is because my real life, well, is more important, and I’ve got people and places to see. So I guess this is a little note saying that the way I post is gonna be a little different. I’m gonna continue to try and write really complete posts, but sometimes they might just be thoughts or something cool I come across that I really do want to share, but don’t really have the time to write about.

For example, I came across this really awesome set of bottlecaps from fragmented’s Flickr. I found this through some blog a couple weeks ago and fell in love with them. So far he has 241 bottlecaps total, and they’re all pretty cool, new and old, in all sorts of colors and flavors. Hopefully this can inspire a couple of you out there?



On Saturday, I went to one of those amazing spaces I talked about in the previous post, something I had read about on Refinery 29 last week. It’s a hot new shop on Sunset Blvd. about 6 blocks down the street from my house called Confederacy, and I’m totally in love with it.

The store features a ton of great brands like Shipley Halmous (my absolute favorite right now), Rag & Bone (who also made the crew at Confederacy custom “uniforms”), Band of Outsiders, Nom de Guerre, and that’s just the guys stuff. On the ladies side there’s Proenza Schouler, Zac Posen, Opeing Ceremony, and Burberry. Inside the whole thing is very urban, with lots of exposed bricks, old BINGO signs, telephone booths to try clothes on in, old movie theater seats, aged couches… it’s a slice of heaven.

The best part though was definitely the service, a young due named Nick helped me and my friend out and he was really friendly and helpful. The store is still growing, they plan on adding a café and there will be an outdoor seating area, so if you ever visit, keep an eye out for me sipping an Americano and brushing up on the newest issue of Monocle.



Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of shopping and I’ve visited some pretty cool new spaces, so my brain has been filled with a lot of beautiful ideas. I’ve also recently come across a blog called Valet., and online magazine of sorts, that embodies a lot of the things I’ve been thinking about lately. Basically, I have a bit of blog envy. They have a clean, crisp layout, post about stuff rather regularly, and write in a helpful and easy going tone.

Definitely pay them a visit, especially if you’re looking to keep yourself looking good in all aspects.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Christopher David Ryan

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Christopher David Ryan

Christopher David Ryan

Good morning everyone! Today’s wallpaper comes from someone that I’ve really admired for a long time, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually written about him before. His name is Christopher David Ryan, and he’s an absolutely prolific designer. On his personal site, he does a daily design, something a lot of people talk about doing, but in Chris’ case, he has 10 months worth of proof. Then there’s his other site Atmostheory, which features projects and other fun stuff he’s created. And if that wasn’t enough, he even has a shop called My Little Underground which has things for sale like books and posters, all of which are affordable and totally beautiful.

For Chris’ wallpaper he came up with a bold and simple design, a bunch of hands holding record sleeves and pulling records out of the sleeves at the same time, all in a brightly colored gradient. I’ve got this up on my second screen at work and it looks really good. On a sidenote, Chris also gave me another image he made a while back that I might need to release as well, so you might be seeing him again on the DWP!

Meg Hunt

My good friend Bern sent me a link to Meg Hunt’s work the other day, an illustrator from Phoenix, Arizona who has a really fun and colorful style. She’s one of those people who’s style seems very seamless, like she didn’t even have to try to make her drawings look so good. I’m also smitten with her choice of colors, and I love that she throws so many textures into her work as well. I’d love to get a print of her’s as well, but sadly her Etsy store is out of stuff for now :(

Check out her llamas and the rest of her work by clicking here.


The Toyota iQ

It feels like forever since I’ve posted about a car I really love, but nothing has really struck me as of late. I’m also not a big fan of overly weird or stylized cars, I just want a car that actually works and is amazing because of not only it’s looks, but it’s functionality as well. So when I spotted the new Toyota IQ over on Wired the other day, I knew right away I needed to write about it.

First off, it’s small. Nothing bothers me more than people driving giant, obnoxious cars and trucks that they don’t need. This car is aimed at young urbanites, but when it gets 56 miles to the gallon, I could image a whole lot of people wanting this little guy, especially in our current economic climate. It’s also been precisely crafted, from the placement of gas tank to the shape of the dashboard, so that the inside feels a lot bigger than it is.

Second, Toyota needs to get Scion back into it’s once A-game, and offering something like this, in the price of range of less than $15k, just might do it. With people trying to save money in any way they can, having a smart and fun compact car that saves them money just might do the trick. I personally would buy one of these puppies in a heart beat, I think the shape is certainly intruiging, especially the back end. I’m also a fan of the wide stance the tires have, something that’s similar in shape to the Mini.

Sign me up!


Graphic Thought Facility

I feel like environmental graphics can often be overlooked, which is pretty stupid because if anything it helps us all get to where we want to be easier. A perfect example of this is the folks over at Graphic Thought Facility. For the West London Academy they created these incredibly simple graphics that clearly illustrate exactly what kind of room you’re about to walk into. These graphics combined with the bright colors they’re placed on make for a stunning combination, that not only informs, but beautifies at the same time.

These graphics are from 2006, and since then GTF has been quite busy, so be sure to check out the rest of their work as well, especially their marketing campaign for Frieze Art Fair and their beautiful mail-order catalogues for Antoni And Alison.


DOT MATRIX REVOLUTION* by superbrothers

Earlier today I came across the pixel animations of superbrothers, the alias of Craig Adams, a genius when it comes to small blocks of color. He does really great pixel drawings for a lot of big clients, but it’s really his animations that are so cool, like the one above titled DOT MATRIX REVOLUTION*. The video features two computer engineers checking their vintage electronic equipment, when suddenly they “throw down” in a dance off that spans from 1951 up to today! The computers in the video look great, and the computer engineers dancing is hysterical, so watch it and see what I mean!

Found through one strange morning