The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Andy J. Miller

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Andy J. Miller

Andy J. Miller

Morning everyone! Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday… new wallpaper! This week’s artist is Andy J. Miller, and he’s one of those fresh up-and-coming types who’s really hitting his stride. Checking out his site he’s done projects with The Yellow Bird Project, Paul Paper, and Infectious Art, along with a ton of other great person pieces like his Poison Apple wallpaper which needs to be made into real wallpaper. A funny sidenote, when I asked Andy to do the project, he wrote me back the very next day saying, “After you asked me last night about the wallpaper, I couldn’t quit working on it!”, and thus the wallpaper above was born.

I think this wallpaper is really great, there’s just so much going on, but it’s not overwhelming to me. The colors are really fun, and I love all the textures he threw in there as well. I also love the little owl friend poking his out from the big YES, he’s cute. If you’ve got an iPhone, be sure to check out the iPhone version, it looks really dang good. I hope you all enjoy this one!

October 22, 2008 / By