On Saturday, I went to one of those amazing spaces I talked about in the previous post, something I had read about on Refinery 29 last week. It’s a hot new shop on Sunset Blvd. about 6 blocks down the street from my house called Confederacy, and I’m totally in love with it.

The store features a ton of great brands like Shipley Halmous (my absolute favorite right now), Rag & Bone (who also made the crew at Confederacy custom “uniforms”), Band of Outsiders, Nom de Guerre, and that’s just the guys stuff. On the ladies side there’s Proenza Schouler, Zac Posen, Opeing Ceremony, and Burberry. Inside the whole thing is very urban, with lots of exposed bricks, old BINGO signs, telephone booths to try clothes on in, old movie theater seats, aged couches… it’s a slice of heaven.

The best part though was definitely the service, a young due named Nick helped me and my friend out and he was really friendly and helpful. The store is still growing, they plan on adding a café and there will be an outdoor seating area, so if you ever visit, keep an eye out for me sipping an Americano and brushing up on the newest issue of Monocle.


October 20, 2008