The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Christopher David Ryan

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Christopher David Ryan

Christopher David Ryan

Good morning everyone! Today’s wallpaper comes from someone that I’ve really admired for a long time, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually written about him before. His name is Christopher David Ryan, and he’s an absolutely prolific designer. On his personal site, he does a daily design, something a lot of people talk about doing, but in Chris’ case, he has 10 months worth of proof. Then there’s his other site Atmostheory, which features projects and other fun stuff he’s created. And if that wasn’t enough, he even has a shop called My Little Underground which has things for sale like books and posters, all of which are affordable and totally beautiful.

For Chris’ wallpaper he came up with a bold and simple design, a bunch of hands holding record sleeves and pulling records out of the sleeves at the same time, all in a brightly colored gradient. I’ve got this up on my second screen at work and it looks really good. On a sidenote, Chris also gave me another image he made a while back that I might need to release as well, so you might be seeing him again on the DWP!

October 15, 2008 / By