The Toyota iQ

It feels like forever since I’ve posted about a car I really love, but nothing has really struck me as of late. I’m also not a big fan of overly weird or stylized cars, I just want a car that actually works and is amazing because of not only it’s looks, but it’s functionality as well. So when I spotted the new Toyota IQ over on Wired the other day, I knew right away I needed to write about it.

First off, it’s small. Nothing bothers me more than people driving giant, obnoxious cars and trucks that they don’t need. This car is aimed at young urbanites, but when it gets 56 miles to the gallon, I could image a whole lot of people wanting this little guy, especially in our current economic climate. It’s also been precisely crafted, from the placement of gas tank to the shape of the dashboard, so that the inside feels a lot bigger than it is.

Second, Toyota needs to get Scion back into it’s once A-game, and offering something like this, in the price of range of less than $15k, just might do it. With people trying to save money in any way they can, having a smart and fun compact car that saves them money just might do the trick. I personally would buy one of these puppies in a heart beat, I think the shape is certainly intruiging, especially the back end. I’m also a fan of the wide stance the tires have, something that’s similar in shape to the Mini.

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October 14, 2008