The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Parquerama

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Parquerama


Good morning everyone! Hump day means a new wallpaper, and today is an exceptionally bright one, something especially important as the weather starts to get a little more gray… at least here in the northern hemisphere. This week’s wallpaper was created by Matias Vigliano, better known by Parquerama, an illustrator and graphic designer from Buenos Aires. Parquerama’s work is always filled with tons of colors and a lot of the time there are spacemen floating about as well.

For his wallpaper he created an image of soem sort of space guy getting attacked by vines, as he struggles to keep himself afloat by hanging on to a tram line, haha… Or at least that’s what I see, your guess as to what’s going on is as good as mine! But I really love the colors of this piece and all the textures are totally superb. Thanks Parquerama!

October 8, 2008 / By