Obama Letterpress Print by Dan Funderburgh

I’m an adamant supporter of both Barack Obama and Dan Funderburgh, so when you combine the two it’s almost like waking up on X-Mas morning! Dan, along with Dylan Fareed over at I Am Still Alive, have teamed up to create another amazing poster called Census. The poster features all sorts of patriotic bits and bobs arranged in a way that only someone like Dan Funderburgh can do.

Most importantly, ALL proceeds go are being donated straight to the Obama campaign, so if you’re like me, this is a great deal on both ends. The prints measure 13 x 20″, and are only $30, which is an amazing deal for such an awesome print and an amazing cause. Click here to order one!


4 Comments Obama Letterpress Print by Dan Funderburgh

  1. Maria October 8, 2008 at 6:12 PM

    wow, i love this. I AM STILL ALIVE makes so many cool prints. I wish I had been able to find it on my obama-print search, but since i couldn’t i’m glad you’ve put here!

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