Stars Is One of the Best Live Bands in the World

Last night I had the IMMENSE privilege of seeing Stars play at the Avalon here in Hollywood.I actually bought my tickets on Monday after finding out they released a new EP on September 1st, which subsequently led to me realizing that they were playing last night. I’ve been a pretty big fan of Stars for a few years now, my first encounter with them was hearing What the Snowman Learned About Love and then buying every record they’ve had before and since then. Basically, I couldn’t be more excited to see these guys play live.

I can say beyond a doubt that Stars puts on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. First off I’d say there was Amy Milan, who probably has some of the best stage presence ever. She’s also an amazing guitar player, something I didn’t know. She was totally captivating and made the whole thing even more exciting. Torquil, the male singer in Stars, was amazing in his own right, always sounding really in tune and busting out a trumpet on several songs, which was really incredible.

Overall they played everything I pretty much wanted to hear, though I’d have to say that the crowd favorite was Ageless Beatuy. Everyone was dancing and singing along, the lights were bright and pulsed along with the music, and you couldn’t help but smile the entire time. I can’t say anything bad about the show, it was simply epic.

Definitely check out the Sad Robots website to download the new EP, and if Stars roll into your town I can’t recommend seeing them any more highly, your mind (and eyes and ears) will be blown.


October 2, 2008