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Steven Harrington Book Release Party

The very first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was, “Fuck, I didn’t post about Steven’s book release!” This was until I realized that the signing wasn’t until tonight, and I still had time to do so. Steven Harrington, artist extraordinaire, went on a big ass art tour across Europe along with Justin Kreitmeyer, his friend and associate over at National Forest. I’m sure many of you saw the photos and videos they posted, it was definitely an amazing show. But now they’re back in LA, they’re show now hanging at the Subliminal Projects gallery, so why not top it all off with a book release party as well?

The book features a ton of Steven’s work, as well as a look into the process of making and piecing together his art. He wanted it to be clear that it wasn’t a retrospective, that he’s got plenty of gumption still in him. The signing goes from 6 to 10, the guys from Sixpack France will be there, and you can an awesome book signed by one of the best artists out there today. Steven also says it’ll be a “super fun dance-off”, so if that’s not incentive, I don’t know what is.



Lately I’ve been putting more and more applications on my iPhone, something I didn’t think I’d be that excited by, but I’ve gotten a fair amount of use out of them. But the app above is in a entire different ballpark all together. It’s called iHologram, and features a kitty that looks like he’s walking around in 3D space when you view the screen from a 35-45º angle. Yeah, all he does is walk around, but look how big his eyes are! He’s adorable!

I think it’ll be interesting as time goes by to see how applications like this progress, going from things like games to more arts based projects like this one. The video was created by David O’Reilly, who created the little kitty as a part of his cartoon PSS, and he also has a bunch of other fun video content as well, so be sure to check out there rest as well.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Emil Kozak

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Emil Kozak

Emil Kozak

It’s already Wednesday, the week is nearly half over, and it’s time to change your wallpaper! This week’s artist is one of my absolute favorites, his use of bright colors and bold shapes always brings a smile to my face. All the way from Barcelona everyone… Mr. Emil Kozak! Emil is originally from Denmark and has been creating since he was a little Kozak, since then working for companies like Vans, Graniph, Lego, Element Skateboards and a ton more. Most recently he did these crazy surfboards for surf god Kelly Slater which pretty much destroy everyone.

It pains me to say this, but I’ve been sitting on this design for a while, not wanting to release EVERYTHING awesome right away. It’s hard to see awesome designs like these not being put to good use! I love how big, bold, and graphic this design is, and it really works well as the iPhone background, as it’s currently in use on my own. My favorite touch is the sublminal ’emil’ in the background, as well as the awesome color palette. Thanks again Emil!

Banksy Hits Up New Orleans

I’ve been noticing around the blogs that Banksy was hitting up New Orleans with some new images pre-Gustav, I suppose to get people thinking about not only what’s happening now, but the still lingering effects from Katrina. The piecs mainly focus on the govenrment and the plight of the people. A transient version of Abraham Lincoln, George Bush sitting in a rocker not doing anything, but still waiving his flag, the national guard looting a home. I personally think these are some of his best to date, and it’s cool that even though he’s British, he’s still trying to send a more political message here in the U.S.

Sadly, I’ve read multiple reports that many of the pieces have already been painted over, but so it goes with things like this. There are more images below the cut, as well so check them out. They came from the Flickr account of infrogmation2, so big ups to him. You can also check out this Flickr group called Banksy Does New Orleans for more images.

UPDATE: Banksy also updated his own site with images as well, which you can see here.

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Bad Design Destroys by Tenfold Collective

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the awesome folks over at Tenfold Collective, a group of designers based out of Colorado doing some really great work. In the post I mentioned the rad sticker they created, and how they were thinking about making more cool stickers, possibly making it a regular thing. Well, last week I got an email from Josh letting me know that they are indeed making more, and the image above is their next design!

This new sticker shows the perils of using design for bad, with lots of punchy graphics and uses glow-in-the-dark vinyl with a black and silver color palette. I love how they managed to stick their trademark rabbits as the nose part, it’s so fun! I also like the slogans repeating around the edges, saying things like “Don’t Bite The Dust / Use Good Design.” I agree wholeheartedly. Josh also let me know that they’re going to be printing t-shirts as well, though I’m not sure when, so shoot them loving emails and maybe you can snag one!


Mecum Recycled Leather Notebooks

Over the weekend I was searching for some new furniture for my apartment, when I popped into a store on Sunset that sold little knick knacks. It was mostly jewelry, but I did come across these rad notebooks called Mecum by OrangeArt Stationary. Mecum translates to “Let’s Go!”, and features not only recycled paper, but the leather cover is recycled as well. As you can see it comes in both a natural and black (hot!) version. Other than the leather cover they’re pretty identical to any sort of moleskine/field notes, but the recycled leather feels pretty nice.

I’m not really sure where to get these, the OrangeArt site appears to only sell them in display packs, though I’m sure you could do a thorough Google search and come up with something.


DESKTOP BATTLE! Winner – Krzysztof Domaradzki

DESKTOP BATTLE! Winner - Krzysztof Domaradzki

Krzysztof Domaradzki

Good morning everyone! I hope all of you in the U.S. are having a wonderful 3 day weekend, and that everyone else had a great weekend. I’m so excited to finally show you all the DESKTOP BATTLE! winners from last month! Once again I got a ton of amazing entries and it was pretty hard to pick, but these were definitely my personal favorites.

Our first place winner is Krzysztof Domaradzki, whom some of you may know from his brilliant work over at Studio KXX. Krzysztof has the hardest name ever to type out, but his Darwinian/Walt Whiman/butterfly collage definitely makes it worth it. I love all the details in this image, the colors, the fonts, everything resounded with me, and I pretty much knew this was going to be the winner as soon as I saw it. Plus that beard is absolutely magical!

Congrats Krzysztof on destroying your competition!