Music Video for Bjorn Svin’s Modular Noia

Lately when I design things for the web I think about the idea of flat vs. textured. Seeing as how the only way you’ll see these graphics is on a flat computer screen, do we really need to make “texture”? But then again, texture can bring a sense of real-ness to a 2D image that can sometimes make something feel more real. Well, the video above definitely gives a little weight behind the idea of only using flat graphics.

The image above is from a music video for Bjorn Svin created by Niels Fyrst called Modular Noia. The song is a lot of random blips and beeps, but is brought to life through the use of multi-colored squares and circles flying in and out of the screen. Sometimes there’s some logic in the movement of the shapes, other times it just seems realllly random, but nonetheless it looks great. Click the link above to check out the entire video!


September 29, 2008