Looking Thru The B-Sides by Saimon Chow and Golden Lucky

HOLY CRAP! The trailer above is for a new short film called Looking Thru The B-Sides which was created by the awesome Saimon Chow and his amazing team at Golden Lucky. The film was commissioned by the folks at FUEL TV and given carte blanche to create anything he really wanted to do. Six months later they came back with an 8 minute film featuring live-action, stop-motion, and hand-drawn animation with one scene featuring over 60 characters rolling around on screen at one time.

The film is about a skateboarder named Ollie who falls into the universe of the B-Sides while searching for inspiration. From the preview above it’s going to be absolutely amazing, I love the depth of field in the stop-motion parts, and the roller coaster scene looks like something out of a Friends With You book. The film is going to be shown at animation and short film festivals for now, so keep an eye out for a screening of this gem!


September 21, 2008