Vogue India’s Fashion Spread Stirs A Controversy

Vogue’s Fashion Photos Spark Debate in India by Heather Timmons

I came across this article in the NY Times a couple weeks ago about a fashion spread in Vogue India that showed “normal” Indian citizens posing with high fashion accessories. The thing is, the accessories they’re posing with were with hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars, while the Indian citizens portrayed make somewhere in the ballpark of $1.25 a day. Some people are outraged by the spread, claiming that it was “tacky” and “distasteful,” while editor of Vogue India Priya Tanna thinks that people should “lighten up”, that “We weren’t trying to make a political statement or save the world.”

Personally I side with Ms. Tanna on this one, mostly because I found the photos to be absolutely beautiful. The subjects, though not identified, are all smiling and laughing. Though the man above is holding a $200 Burberry umbrella in a mud hut, I feel like he’s portrayed in a beautiful light. You can see another photo from the shoot by clicking here.

What do you all think? Leave your take on the photos in the comments.

September 20, 2008