Sarah Kahn

One of my favorite things to see in a student’s portfolio of work is a really cool book. For Sarah Kahn, a recent graduate of Pennighen Easg in Paris, this meant creating a book around “the emotional intellect delivered by some computing tool and functions.” That sounds pretty ominous and slightly vague to me, but what she created was a book that takes the digital world and makes it physical.

Through creative uses of cutting, folding, and layering, she’s created a bunch of pieces that absolutely blew me away. Creating physical versions of Photoshop has been done before, but there’s something about the way she took the pictures and the precise layout, especially of the pieces above, that really struck me. Also be sure to check out Chocolat, a book filled with illustrations made from chocolate wrappers and unfolded chocolate packaging, quite brilliant.


September 20, 2008