The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ryan Quincy

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ryan Quincy

Ryan Quincy

Going through my folder of desktop wallpapers, I sometimes lose track of some amazing gems that I still have to give away to you all, and this wallpaper is a fine example. The artist is a guy named Ryan Quincy, a fellow who wrote me in March asking if he could submit a design to the DWP. I checked out his work and thought it was pretty funny, plus he happens to be the animation director on South Park (seriously, IMDB him) so I thought he might come up with something pretty sweet. I also asked him if his piece could be painted, and awesome enough he actually said yes!

The wallpaper itself is pretty rad, in fact it almost looks like it was painted directly onto an old desktop, something I think is genius. It’s filled with all sorts of Ryan’s little critters and creations, flying through the air off to do something magical I’m sure. I love all the colors and shapes, and it’s kind of funny but there’s even room for icons, at least for us Apple folk. I think it’s also cool to have a change a pace from all the computer drawn wallpapers to something that’s been done lovingly by hand. Awesome job Ryan, thanks for the sick wallpaper.

September 18, 2008 / By