The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Undoboy

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Undoboy


Good morning everyone! This has been a VERY busy week for me, which I’ll be sharing with you all later today, but I wanted to apologize and say that I have a ton of posts on the back burner, they’ll be later this week. Anywho, I can’t leave you all in the lurch without a new desktop, so this weeks artist is the immensely creative and awesome Undoboy! I wrote Undoboy to do the DWP a looooong time ago, and since then he’s been blowing up like crazy, as I’m sure many of you have seen the crazy wall decals he did for Blik.

For his wallpaper he created these fun little characters, ninjas of sorts, that rumor has it he might be turning into vinyl figures! But he also decided to make a mini-comic wallpaper showing how one of the guys got that ninja start stuck in his head. These are nice and simple with lots of bright colors, so this one should definitely please the minimalists! Also be sure to check out the iPhone versions, I thought they were really fun as well.

Next week’s wallpaper is gonna be some lo-fi goodness, so be sure to check back!

September 10, 2008