About a month and a half ago I started working for a company called Causecast, an internet start-up company that’s helping non-profits get the internet exposure that they really need. I signed on as the designer of Causecast, getting the chance to put designer touch onto an entire site. After a month and a half, I think I’ve created more graphics and pages and all sorts of things then I EVER have in my entire life. It’s been a totally intense experience, but it’s been an absolute blast and everyone involved is absolutely amazing.

So what I’d love for you all to do is sign-up and see what we’re doing over on Causecast. Look around, make a profile, watch some videos… anything means something, plus you can see what I’ve been doing for the last month and half and why I haven’t been posting as much. This site is blood, sweat, and tears, so PLEASE take a peek! Thanks everyone!


September 10, 2008