As of writing this, I only have one tattoo on my right forearm, but if I were to ever get another one it would be an epic-sized octopus encompassing my entire left forearm, wrist, and hand, and it would be awesome. Obviously I have an intense fondness for octopi and all of their squishy wonder, so the video above made me squeal with delight. It’s Oktapodi, the story of a pair of octopus lovers who are ripped apart and must fight to find each other again. Well, all of that is done in the course of 2 minutes, but MAN it’s an amazing 2 minutes!

The video was created by students at the French animation school Gobelins (which totally looks like Goblins, which would be a sweet school to go to) and has been drumming up quite a lot of buzz lately. They’ve won a ton of awards so far, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from these creative individuals. Watch the video, it’s a slice of amazing, and let me know what you think of the ending! ARGH!

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September 7, 2008