Lately I’ve been putting more and more applications on my iPhone, something I didn’t think I’d be that excited by, but I’ve gotten a fair amount of use out of them. But the app above is in a entire different ballpark all together. It’s called iHologram, and features a kitty that looks like he’s walking around in 3D space when you view the screen from a 35-45º angle. Yeah, all he does is walk around, but look how big his eyes are! He’s adorable!

I think it’ll be interesting as time goes by to see how applications like this progress, going from things like games to more arts based projects like this one. The video was created by David O’Reilly, who created the little kitty as a part of his cartoon PSS, and he also has a bunch of other fun video content as well, so be sure to check out there rest as well.


September 4, 2008