The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Emil Kozak

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Emil Kozak

Emil Kozak

It’s already Wednesday, the week is nearly half over, and it’s time to change your wallpaper! This week’s artist is one of my absolute favorites, his use of bright colors and bold shapes always brings a smile to my face. All the way from Barcelona everyone… Mr. Emil Kozak! Emil is originally from Denmark and has been creating since he was a little Kozak, since then working for companies like Vans, Graniph, Lego, Element Skateboards and a ton more. Most recently he did these crazy surfboards for surf god Kelly Slater which pretty much destroy everyone.

It pains me to say this, but I’ve been sitting on this design for a while, not wanting to release EVERYTHING awesome right away. It’s hard to see awesome designs like these not being put to good use! I love how big, bold, and graphic this design is, and it really works well as the iPhone background, as it’s currently in use on my own. My favorite touch is the sublminal ’emil’ in the background, as well as the awesome color palette. Thanks again Emil!

September 3, 2008 / By