Mecum Recycled Leather Notebooks

Over the weekend I was searching for some new furniture for my apartment, when I popped into a store on Sunset that sold little knick knacks. It was mostly jewelry, but I did come across these rad notebooks called Mecum by OrangeArt Stationary. Mecum translates to “Let’s Go!”, and features not only recycled paper, but the leather cover is recycled as well. As you can see it comes in both a natural and black (hot!) version. Other than the leather cover they’re pretty identical to any sort of moleskine/field notes, but the recycled leather feels pretty nice.

I’m not really sure where to get these, the OrangeArt site appears to only sell them in display packs, though I’m sure you could do a thorough Google search and come up with something.


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  1. Chris B. Behrens September 3, 2008 at 3:33 PM

    The phrase “vade mecum” is used to refer to something you carry with you all the time, like a planner or a notebook, just like these. “Mecum” by itself means “with me”. “Vade” is the imperative form of “vadere”, which means “to hurry, to rush”. So, put together, it means literally “Hurry with me”…”let’s go” is a more meaningful translation, but only of the entire phrase “vade mecum”, not merely “mecum”.

    There’s your Latin pedantry for the week.

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