Banksy Hits Up New Orleans

I’ve been noticing around the blogs that Banksy was hitting up New Orleans with some new images pre-Gustav, I suppose to get people thinking about not only what’s happening now, but the still lingering effects from Katrina. The piecs mainly focus on the govenrment and the plight of the people. A transient version of Abraham Lincoln, George Bush sitting in a rocker not doing anything, but still waiving his flag, the national guard looting a home. I personally think these are some of his best to date, and it’s cool that even though he’s British, he’s still trying to send a more political message here in the U.S.

Sadly, I’ve read multiple reports that many of the pieces have already been painted over, but so it goes with things like this. There are more images below the cut, as well so check them out. They came from the Flickr account of infrogmation2, so big ups to him. You can also check out this Flickr group called Banksy Does New Orleans for more images.

UPDATE: Banksy also updated his own site with images as well, which you can see here.


September 2, 2008