Bad Design Destroys by Tenfold Collective

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the awesome folks over at Tenfold Collective, a group of designers based out of Colorado doing some really great work. In the post I mentioned the rad sticker they created, and how they were thinking about making more cool stickers, possibly making it a regular thing. Well, last week I got an email from Josh letting me know that they are indeed making more, and the image above is their next design!

This new sticker shows the perils of using design for bad, with lots of punchy graphics and uses glow-in-the-dark vinyl with a black and silver color palette. I love how they managed to stick their trademark rabbits as the nose part, it’s so fun! I also like the slogans repeating around the edges, saying things like “Don’t Bite The Dust / Use Good Design.” I agree wholeheartedly. Josh also let me know that they’re going to be printing t-shirts as well, though I’m not sure when, so shoot them loving emails and maybe you can snag one!


September 2, 2008 / By