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Music Video for Bjorn Svin’s Modular Noia

Lately when I design things for the web I think about the idea of flat vs. textured. Seeing as how the only way you’ll see these graphics is on a flat computer screen, do we really need to make “texture”? But then again, texture can bring a sense of real-ness to a 2D image that can sometimes make something feel more real. Well, the video above definitely gives a little weight behind the idea of only using flat graphics.

The image above is from a music video for Bjorn Svin created by Niels Fyrst called Modular Noia. The song is a lot of random blips and beeps, but is brought to life through the use of multi-colored squares and circles flying in and out of the screen. Sometimes there’s some logic in the movement of the shapes, other times it just seems realllly random, but nonetheless it looks great. Click the link above to check out the entire video!


Off-Register at Little Bird Gallery

There’s quite a few galleries here in Los Angeles, so I’d imagine getting noticed could be somewhat difficult. Or you could do what Little Bird does and have a big group show with basically the best artists and designers out there. The show’s called Off-Register and features Geoff McFetridge, Steven Harrington, Andy Mueller, Cody Hudson, Mike Perry, Evan Hecox, Todd St. John, Justin Fines, Grotesk, and a ton more people. The show is all about screen printed posters, so it should be quite a treat.

Off-Register opens tomorrow night, from 7 to 11 pm, and runs until October 7th. I would suggest coming out to this opening though, I’m sure many of the artists will be hanging out, and they’re all particularly nice.


‘In Ear Park’ by Department of Eagles

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No One Does It Like You by Department of Eagles

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Waves of Rye by Department of Eagles

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Teenagers by Department of Eagles

I’ve been obsessively listening to the new album from Department of Eagles, In Ear Park, since Sunday, and I can definitely say that it’s one of the best this year. Department of Eagles is the side band of Grizzly Bear singer/songwriter Dan Rossen, a band that was actually started in 2000 along with his NYU buddy Fred Nicolaus. They’re original album was a bit all over the place, a bit noisy (though I did include a song from it on my mix Deep Blue Sea), but this new one couldn’t be more pristine and focused.

The album is similar in tone to a Grizzly Bear album, but less folky and less epic, not that that’s a bad thing. It’s a very intimate record, with tinges of Paul Simon maybe, and definitely an entire track that’s basically a Van Dyke Park love-fest called Teenagers. If the new Grizzly Bear sounds even half as good as this album, we’re all in for a real treat.

In Ear Park comes out October 7th, and you can preorder it here.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Andreas Samuelsson

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Andreas Samuelsson

Andreas Samuelsson

Good morning! I hope everyone has a had a good week so far, it seems like it’s flying by for me personally. Today’s wallpaper comes all the way from Stockholm, created by a wonderful young man by the name of Andreas Samuelsson. Andreas has this uncanny knack for making work that looks extremely simple and beautiful at the same time. He’s also amazing at using off-kilter color choices, something that still perplexes me to this day. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Arkitip, he has his own If You Could poster… the guy is definitely a rising star.

His wallpaper is an awesome blend of shapes, letters, and symbols, which are all kind of remind me of the blog. I LOVE the face with the giant jaws on the back of it’s head, I’m guessing that could be a rabid black fox perhaps? The 100% wool tags and the Asian tea pots are also rather rad as well. Definitely check this out on the iPhone as well, it looks really sweet.

On a side note, Andreas is also releasing a limited edition wall calender for 2009, and only 50 are being printed. It’s an A1 sized poster and is going to be selling for $15 + shipping, which is quite a steal.

Looking Thru The B-Sides by Saimon Chow and Golden Lucky

HOLY CRAP! The trailer above is for a new short film called Looking Thru The B-Sides which was created by the awesome Saimon Chow and his amazing team at Golden Lucky. The film was commissioned by the folks at FUEL TV and given carte blanche to create anything he really wanted to do. Six months later they came back with an 8 minute film featuring live-action, stop-motion, and hand-drawn animation with one scene featuring over 60 characters rolling around on screen at one time.

The film is about a skateboarder named Ollie who falls into the universe of the B-Sides while searching for inspiration. From the preview above it’s going to be absolutely amazing, I love the depth of field in the stop-motion parts, and the roller coaster scene looks like something out of a Friends With You book. The film is going to be shown at animation and short film festivals for now, so keep an eye out for a screening of this gem!


Black Fox Spotted in London!

I’m sure there are some of you out there who read this blog who still have no idea what Kitsune Noir means. Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox, and Noir is the french word for black, so if you put them the other way around you get Black Fox. Up until now though, I didn’t realize there were such things as black foxes, that was until my buddy Max sent me this article from The Telegraph titled, “‘Unlucky’ rare black fox spotted in Britain.”

Supposedly in the medieval times (read: stupid times) people thought that the black fox was a bad omen, which is ridiculous, look how cute that little guy is! They’re also rather rare in England, which is what the article is mainly about, as they were hunted near extinction for their pelts. Scary enough, the photo above was taken in a graveyard (aka eating the flesh of dead bodies, duh) but that the man was able to get rather close to it, so it doesn’t eat living people… yet.

Personally I’m quite proud to have the black fox as my mascot! Viva la Kitsune Noir!


Sarah Kahn

One of my favorite things to see in a student’s portfolio of work is a really cool book. For Sarah Kahn, a recent graduate of Pennighen Easg in Paris, this meant creating a book around “the emotional intellect delivered by some computing tool and functions.” That sounds pretty ominous and slightly vague to me, but what she created was a book that takes the digital world and makes it physical.

Through creative uses of cutting, folding, and layering, she’s created a bunch of pieces that absolutely blew me away. Creating physical versions of Photoshop has been done before, but there’s something about the way she took the pictures and the precise layout, especially of the pieces above, that really struck me. Also be sure to check out Chocolat, a book filled with illustrations made from chocolate wrappers and unfolded chocolate packaging, quite brilliant.


Vogue India’s Fashion Spread Stirs A Controversy

Vogue’s Fashion Photos Spark Debate in India by Heather Timmons

I came across this article in the NY Times a couple weeks ago about a fashion spread in Vogue India that showed “normal” Indian citizens posing with high fashion accessories. The thing is, the accessories they’re posing with were with hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars, while the Indian citizens portrayed make somewhere in the ballpark of $1.25 a day. Some people are outraged by the spread, claiming that it was “tacky” and “distasteful,” while editor of Vogue India Priya Tanna thinks that people should “lighten up”, that “We weren’t trying to make a political statement or save the world.”

Personally I side with Ms. Tanna on this one, mostly because I found the photos to be absolutely beautiful. The subjects, though not identified, are all smiling and laughing. Though the man above is holding a $200 Burberry umbrella in a mud hut, I feel like he’s portrayed in a beautiful light. You can see another photo from the shoot by clicking here.

What do you all think? Leave your take on the photos in the comments.