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Tavis Coburn Print

Desktop Wallpaper Project contributor Tavis Coburn participated in a show earlier this year called Sell Outs, featuring art that was only limited by the wall space they were given. So Tavis decided to re-imagine an old piece he created as two giant pieces that took up the space completely. These re-imagined pieces were created with a new technique that gives them an almost “watercolor-like wash effect”, which sounds pretty rad to me. The two pieces are each 40″ x 66″, making this one immense piece of art. They’re going for $1000 for the pair, which is quite a lot, but the images are absolutely beautiful, I’d LOVE to own these. To get some more info about the prints, click here.


BigDog, The Scariest Robot on Earth

My roommate Garrett just forwarded me this link and OMG is this some intense robot action! The video above features a robot called BigDog, which is a quadruped robot that has legs which are articulated like an animal’s, sort of like a big, robotic deer. The thing is a technologic masterpiece, featuring advanced control systems that allow it to navigate, balance, sense things like joint position and force, and even monitors internal states like teperature, rpm, and battery charge. This thing is the real deal.

I think this thing is damn creepy, in all honesty. Like the fact that it uses a diesel engine means it makes that intense buzzing sound, which if I were out in the woods alone and I heard that, I’d shit myself. It’s also pretty creepy because there’s nothing it can’t do. I mean, the dude in the video KICKS IT AND IT DOESN’T FALL! As we were watching the video my roommate suggested that he would kick it… obviously that isn’t an option. I’m also pretty sure when they say that it runs on “diesel” they mean “human innards.”

If you’d like some more info check out the Boston Dynamics website, it’s pretty rad and they have a few more robots to check out as well.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Travis Millard

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Travis Millard

Travis Millard

Happy Wednesday everyone! I can’t believe the week is already at it’s halfway point! Since I like to mix things up here on the DWP, I’ve decided to go with an extremely lo-fi approach this week. I was also partially influenced by seeing this week’s artist at Simpleasures in all of his bearded glory. This week I’m proud to announce Mr. Travis Millard, one of my absolute favorite artists and the genius behind Fudge Factory Comics. Ever since I first came across Travis’ work I’ve been pretty obsessed, with all the face ripping, fist fights, and all the gritty details in-between.

This weeks wallpaper is actually taken from a tiny piece that Travis did, it’s maybe 3″ x 4″, but I love it because now you can see all those tiny details. To me this wallpaper totally looks like a big, menacing fart cloud, and who wouldn’t want one of these as their work background? Just tell your co-workers that if they keep bothering you that you’ll this thing will mess their day up.

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Up until a few days ago I had no idea that there are (theoretically) ten dimensions to our universe. We’re all pretty familiar with 2D and 3D, but anything beyond that is pretty crazy. But the video above goes into depth about all these dimensions and how they all exist, and as intense that sounds, the narrator explains it in a pretty straightforward manner.

I wasn’t actually going to post this, but I was talking to a friend last night about a drug related experience he had, and it totally sounded like he was seeing/feeling things in the 4th dimension. It also reminds me of Donnie Darko and the clear jello slug that leaves his chest. I think the video is pretty interesting, so if you’re into theoretical science-y kind of things check it out. You can also get a ton more information by clicking here.



This weekend I did manage to make it out to the aforementioned Simpleasures show, though sadly I’m still not quite the rich man I’d love to be, so I was good and didn’t buy anything. But I did make sure to check in on some of the artists like Liam Devowski, who’s a part of a new art collective called NEON GRAY. The group is bi-coastal-ish, wwith Liam in San Francisco and the rest of the crew, Benjamin Domanico, Joyce Kim, and Samel Ortiz-Payero, all living in Baltimore, Maryland.

Together they have a pretty slick portfolio of work, ranging from zines, to typography, to apparel, to the images you see above, basically a mediation on how awesome California is. The images were inspired by the classic book of the same name, and features digital photos “of the ever-changing landscape that is the California coast.” I think they capture the diversity of California pretty damn well, and certainly make me proud to be a Californian!



Today is going to be a pretty fun day, as it’s the opening of Simpleasures, a new event here in LA that’s bringing together the best and brightest in music and art. This first time is “showcasing independent publishing and experimentation in zine making from Los Angeles and beyond.” The whole thing is being put on by the folks at Studio Number One, Forest, and The Dutch Press, and is taking place at the Sublminal Projects Gallery. There’s going to be a ton of rad artists there like Travis Millard, Souther Salazar, Mel Kadel, and Liam Devowski as well as booths and things for sale from Secret Headquarters, Giant Robot, 826LA and a ton more. Not only that, but there’s also going to be music by DJ Diabetic (Shep Fairey), Daedelus, Professor Canteloupe, Danny Holloway, Sodapop, and Lucky Dragon.

The event should be really awesome, it goes from 1PM to 9PM, and there’s even a panel discussion with Souther Salazar and Travis Millard at 7PM, which I imagine will be pretty damn funny. So if you’re in LA you should definitely stop by, it should be amazing.


Beck 8-Bit Variations Digipack

Argentinian designer DHNN (Design Has No Name) created this awesome looking music package concept based around some tracks from Beck’s album Guero. It’s called 8-Bit Variations and takes the idea of using old school Nintendo and pixels to the next level. Inside the package you get a Nintendo cartridge that opens up to reveal a micro CD featuring 4 Beck remixes, as well as a booklet filled with awesome retro goodness.

If Beck really did some sort of special promotion like this he’d probably sell a ton of them and fast. I think the inside cover featuring Beck’s face is also pretty clever, the use of squares to resemble pixels looks awesome, and the bright colors totally make the whole thing. Definitely check out the rest of the photos by clicking here, as well as the rest of his work on his Behance.


Like It Or Not by Architecture in Helsinki

I randomly saw this Archeitecture in Helsinki video featured on the Vimeo homepage yesterday and got pretty excited. The song is okay, but not my favorite, I think thy have better, but the video is pretty amazing because it’s made entirely from embroidery and fabric, telling the story of two coconuts in love whoa are thrown on an epic journey across the earth. The whole thing is TOTALLY inspired by the fantastic Meg Whitmarsh, though sadly they don’t seem to mention this, even though any fan of Meg’s would probably point it out immediately. Anyhow, it’s a pretty cute video and a good start to the morning.


Dan Funderburgh’s Gravity’s Rainbow Print

Since I’ve been working so much lately I feel like I’ve been out of the loop, but thankfully I have rad friends who fill me in on things I may have missed. For example, Dan Funderburgh emailed me today letting me know that he and his buddy Dylan Fareed over at I Am Still Alive released this awesome letterpressed poster.

The poster is a 3 three color print and features a bunch of Dan’s signature tools, starting with a cleaver, then a throwing knife(?), then a hunting knife, scissors, an x-acto, a fork and finally a dart. The poster comes in two different versions, an open edition for $30, or a limited edition for $100, both of them signed by the artist. I think this is such a rad poster and Dan is such a creative guy that it always makes me happy to see more of his work. You can pick one of these up by clicking here.


Over & Over by Mike Perry

While browsing around my local bookstore over the weekend I came across Mike Perry’s newest book, Over & Over, which is a collection of hand drawn patterns by some of the best artists out there. Many of you I’m sure remember Mike’s first book Hand Job, which was a collection of hand-drawn type, so obviously he knows his stuff. The book features over 50 artists, is over 250 pages long and looks absolutely amazing. I sat in the bookstore for like 10 minutes pouring every page, I’m such a sucker for repeating patterns. I can’t suggest this book any more highly, it would make an excellent addition to any library and work great as a birthday present (hint, hint mom!).

Check under the cut, there are 5 more images to drool over!

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