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The Tenfold Collective

The Tenfold Collective is a Colorado based design agency that pretty much does it all. They’re made up of 3 guys and a girl, Christopher McLaughlin, Josh Emrich, Matt Wade, and newcomer Amy Copp, who from what I’m seeing are making some really great projects. I’d describe they’re work as quite simple, possibly vintage-inspired, but in that way that makes you think of how much more simple and honest design was back then.

On their blog they feature some of their more recent work, like the 4th Street District / Downtown Loveland logo contest they won. I love how simple and straightforward the design is, being inspired by motifs from the late 1800’s, around the time the city was founded, and intentionally straying away from an icon to allow “the logo to be couple with season imagery.” Smart thinking, huh?

The image above is a beautiful act of self-promotion which I thought was beautiful, so I wrote the gang to see if I could get a larger version so we could see all the beautiful details. They’re thinking about making the sticker a regular thing, so keep your eyes out to see if they release another one soon!


Bruno 9li

I don’t remember when I came across Bruno 9li’s work, all I know is that I’ve been visiting his site for probably a month now and each time I look at this work I’m amazed. Bruno is a Brazilian illustrator creating works that embody the “unity of people, animals and nature itself” while all the while looking pretty damn incredible. His work is always bright and colorful, featuring a ton of amazing details, a lot of the pieces bordering on overwhelming. To me that’s kind of the genius behind his work. It’s quite clean, but so rich in nuance, that you get this really amazing story out of it.

To glean a little more information about Bruno, I’d highly suggest reading this interview that PingMag did with him, it goes into some depth of what makes him tick.


Video for Mad World by Gary Jules and Mike Andrews

I’m sure most familiar with the song Mad World, as it was the haunting theme for the movie Donnie Darko sung by the amazing Gary Jules and arranged by the awesome Mike Andrews, but did you know there was a video as well? This little gem was directed by Michel Gondry of all people, and features a rooftop perspective of a bunch of kids making shapes on the ground below. As is the usual for Michel, the idea is extremely simple and lo-fi but is totally effective and beautiful when you see it. I think my favorite part is the boat on the water, when you squint your eyes it looks so rad.

For some reason the video plays three times, though I didn’t bother watching them all cuz’ I figure they’re all the same, but I wanted to give a heads up!


Photos of The Graffiti Project at Kelburn Castle

The Graffiti Project at Kelburn Castle

Last April I wrote a post about The Graffiti Project, taking Brazilian artists and allowing them to go to town on a Kelburn Castle, a 600 year old castle in Scotland that needed some restoration. Well a reader of the site Louise Wilson definitely remembered the post because she happened to live 5 minutes away from the castle. So she was awesome enough to take some photos of the castle and send them to me, and man oh man do they look rad!

I’m a huge Os Gemeos fan, so it’s great to see they’re work front and center on the tower and the chimney. I still think it’s amazing that they even let these artists do this, but since the front of the castle had to get resurfaced anyhow, it was definitely a agreat opportunity that wasn’t wasted. Click here for more info about The Graffiti Project and check out more photos under the cut!

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Photos from I Am 8-Bit 2008

Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it out to the opening of I Am 8-Bit this year, too much work makes Bobby a sleepy kitty. But I did come across oldmanmusings Flickr account which has a great set of photos from the night. The show looks like it was packed, as it is every year, and featured a bunch of really great art yet again. I’m pretty sure my absolute favorite though was Scott Campbell’s pieces, which feature the cutest little versions of video game characters that you’ll ever see. I used to play a ton of DIg Dug on Atari when I was a little kid, so that piece in particular really does it for me.

To see the rest of the awesome art, click here and get ready to be overwhelmed!


Jonathan Adler Ties and Belts Pillows

Earlier today I got an email from the amazing Abby Urban reminding me to check out the always great Jonathan Adler. I took a little wander through his site and came across these soooo rad pillows in the new stuff section. The pillows feature stitched images of belts and ties making some absolutely beautiful patterns. The idea is totally clever and the novelty of the stitching makes these such a cute idea. The one drawback being the price, which at $165 a piece is a pretty hefty price tag, though I’d be the first to admit that it would be worth it.

I also found this image of Jon Adler at a pottery wheel, which for some reason made me smile. Does he really come up with a lot of the ideas for the ceramic pieces he sells? That would make his store even better.


Audi-O Concept Car

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a car that got me flustered so it was nice to come across this awesome idea. The car is called the Audi-O and was created by designer Odrej Jirec. The car looks pretty futuristic, but not so far that it would be impossible to see on the road in the next 10 years. The car is really simple in it’s form, inspired by Apple products (no surprise there), but offers some exciting curves that would definitely turn some heads. The LED headlights are pretty rad, though my absolute favorite is the back, which is a beautiful piece of glass framed by red tail lights.

But really the point of the car is it’s amazing sound system, which would be able to connect to other cars like it via bluetooth, allowing you to have one big ass speaker party. Not only that, but the Audi-O also comes equipped with a set of turntables for all those bootleg DJ gigs you throw… right. Anyhow, it’s a beautiful idea executed extremely well, and thankfully Odrej is heading to Art Center and hopefully will have the chance to turn these ideas into reality! Check out more pictures by visiting Diseno-Art.


Gaspar Claus and Pedro Soler Takeaway Show

+KN reader Jamie Topper sent me this link to a La Blogotheque Takeaway Show that’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve been a big fan of the Takeaway Shows but had yet to post about them, mostly because I thought everyone knew about them. Usually they feature big indie bands like Beirut or Vampire Weekend, but this episode features two amazing artists, Gaspar Clause, an amazing celist, and Pedro Soler, an astounding flamenco-style guitar player.

Together they’re devastatingly talented, producing a kind of music that I’ve honestly never heard, at least not at this kind of quality. The video above is one of 4, and features them playing in an old hotel called The Belvedere. We get a short tour of the beautiful hotel and a brief histiry, and then they set up their instruments in the old cinema and begin to play. They have an amazing energy while they play together, and honestly this made my entire afternoon even better. Towards the end of the video the intensity of the music, along with the camera movements, really got me emotional, there’s something insanely powerful about the whole thing performance. I’m also kind of amazed by the fact that just these two men could create something so special.

Watch the video and then click here to watch the others and be amazed.


Darcel: 2 Girls, 1 Cup Reaction

I’m a big time fan of Craig Redman’s work on Darcel Disappoints, an auto-bographical(?) comic featuring a little black egg man with wood glasses living one disappointing moment after another. Every few days he updates his site with a new comic, all of them done in a simple but fantastic style, sometimes godo things happen, sometimes bad, but always interesting.

Well now Craig has upped the ante and started making animated Darcel cartoons! Okay, cartoons might not quite be the right term, but it’s an animated short and it’s wonderful. Darcel gets an eye full of the 2 girls, 1 cup video, and has the same reaction that I did. Watch and enjoy!


Art Shows in LA

Last night it came to my attention that there are about a million art shows happening in LA this weekend, so I thought I’d try and help fill everyone in on what’s going down.

First up tonight is I AM 8-BIT, the awesome video game inspired show that for the past couple years has been really great. The show runs from 8 to midnight, and if you’d like more information like the address, click the link above. I’d also like to give a shout out to my old friend Ben Klamm who’s having his first bug art show here in Hollywood and his work looks great! Click here for more info on that!

Tomorrow night Secret Headquarters is having a show called Where Have All the Heroes Gone? which features artwork by Mike Bertino. The show goes from 8 to 10 and should have free drinks and awesome super hero art.

Saturday night there are *gasp*… two shows! The first is Neckface’s new show Cannibal Carnival at the New Image Art gallery, which I’m absolutely thrilled to go to. The last one was full of crazy metal death masks and monster abortions, so I’m sure this one will be just as good, if not better.

The second show is called The 3rd Dimension and features artists like Stefan Marx, Andy Mueller and Porous Walker, who’ve created a bunch of 3D art, so that should be pretty fun to go to! These both look rad so I’m gonna try and hit up both of these gems!