The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Laura Laine

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Laura Laine

Laura Laine

Good evening everyone! I want to apologize for the lateness of today’s wallpaper, sadly my internet was out this morning, and posting at work is hard, so I’m just now getting around to it. But technically it’s still Wednesday, so I’m not too horrible! Today’s wallpaper comes from the amazingly incredible Laura Laine, whom I specifically didn’t blog about previously so that her wallpaper might be more of a surprise.

Laura is probably one of the very best fashion illustrators around today, her style is crisp and flawless and her women are about as sexy as you can possibly draw them. Her style is like none I’ve ever seen before, these beautifully, lithe women with immense floating hair and statuesque faces… I really can’t say enough about her work, she’s truly a genius.

For her wallpaper she incorporated probably the cuddliest fox the site has seen so far, but the image isn’t quite as simple as it looks. If you check out one of the larger versions, you start to see that the images aren’t exactly the same, that there are some minor, but awesome, differences between them. Honest to god, as I was getting the images ready, I spotted another one I hadn’t see before, haha… I hope you all love this wallpaper as much as I do, I’m pretty sure all of your co-workers will be pretty dang jealous!

August 27, 2008