The Tenfold Collective

The Tenfold Collective is a Colorado based design agency that pretty much does it all. They’re made up of 3 guys and a girl, Christopher McLaughlin, Josh Emrich, Matt Wade, and newcomer Amy Copp, who from what I’m seeing are making some really great projects. I’d describe they’re work as quite simple, possibly vintage-inspired, but in that way that makes you think of how much more simple and honest design was back then.

On their blog they feature some of their more recent work, like the 4th Street District / Downtown Loveland logo contest they won. I love how simple and straightforward the design is, being inspired by motifs from the late 1800’s, around the time the city was founded, and intentionally straying away from an icon to allow “the logo to be couple with season imagery.” Smart thinking, huh?

The image above is a beautiful act of self-promotion which I thought was beautiful, so I wrote the gang to see if I could get a larger version so we could see all the beautiful details. They’re thinking about making the sticker a regular thing, so keep your eyes out to see if they release another one soon!


August 19, 2008