Photos of The Graffiti Project at Kelburn Castle

The Graffiti Project at Kelburn Castle

Last April I wrote a post about The Graffiti Project, taking Brazilian artists and allowing them to go to town on a Kelburn Castle, a 600 year old castle in Scotland that needed some restoration. Well a reader of the site Louise Wilson definitely remembered the post because she happened to live 5 minutes away from the castle. So she was awesome enough to take some photos of the castle and send them to me, and man oh man do they look rad!

I’m a huge Os Gemeos fan, so it’s great to see they’re work front and center on the tower and the chimney. I still think it’s amazing that they even let these artists do this, but since the front of the castle had to get resurfaced anyhow, it was definitely a agreat opportunity that wasn’t wasted. Click here for more info about The Graffiti Project and check out more photos under the cut!


August 18, 2008