Gaspar Claus and Pedro Soler Takeaway Show

+KN reader Jamie Topper sent me this link to a La Blogotheque Takeaway Show that’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve been a big fan of the Takeaway Shows but had yet to post about them, mostly because I thought everyone knew about them. Usually they feature big indie bands like Beirut or Vampire Weekend, but this episode features two amazing artists, Gaspar Clause, an amazing celist, and Pedro Soler, an astounding flamenco-style guitar player.

Together they’re devastatingly talented, producing a kind of music that I’ve honestly never heard, at least not at this kind of quality. The video above is one of 4, and features them playing in an old hotel called The Belvedere. We get a short tour of the beautiful hotel and a brief histiry, and then they set up their instruments in the old cinema and begin to play. They have an amazing energy while they play together, and honestly this made my entire afternoon even better. Towards the end of the video the intensity of the music, along with the camera movements, really got me emotional, there’s something insanely powerful about the whole thing performance. I’m also kind of amazed by the fact that just these two men could create something so special.

Watch the video and then click here to watch the others and be amazed.


August 17, 2008