Audi-O Concept Car

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a car that got me flustered so it was nice to come across this awesome idea. The car is called the Audi-O and was created by designer Odrej Jirec. The car looks pretty futuristic, but not so far that it would be impossible to see on the road in the next 10 years. The car is really simple in it’s form, inspired by Apple products (no surprise there), but offers some exciting curves that would definitely turn some heads. The LED headlights are pretty rad, though my absolute favorite is the back, which is a beautiful piece of glass framed by red tail lights.

But really the point of the car is it’s amazing sound system, which would be able to connect to other cars like it via bluetooth, allowing you to have one big ass speaker party. Not only that, but the Audi-O also comes equipped with a set of turntables for all those bootleg DJ gigs you throw… right. Anyhow, it’s a beautiful idea executed extremely well, and thankfully Odrej is heading to Art Center and hopefully will have the chance to turn these ideas into reality! Check out more pictures by visiting Diseno-Art.


August 17, 2008