Art Shows in LA

Last night it came to my attention that there are about a million art shows happening in LA this weekend, so I thought I’d try and help fill everyone in on what’s going down.

First up tonight is I AM 8-BIT, the awesome video game inspired show that for the past couple years has been really great. The show runs from 8 to midnight, and if you’d like more information like the address, click the link above. I’d also like to give a shout out to my old friend Ben Klamm who’s having his first bug art show here in Hollywood and his work looks great! Click here for more info on that!

Tomorrow night Secret Headquarters is having a show called Where Have All the Heroes Gone? which features artwork by Mike Bertino. The show goes from 8 to 10 and should have free drinks and awesome super hero art.

Saturday night there are *gasp*… two shows! The first is Neckface’s new show Cannibal Carnival at the New Image Art gallery, which I’m absolutely thrilled to go to. The last one was full of crazy metal death masks and monster abortions, so I’m sure this one will be just as good, if not better.

The second show is called The 3rd Dimension and features artists like Stefan Marx, Andy Mueller and Porous Walker, who’ve created a bunch of 3D art, so that should be pretty fun to go to! These both look rad so I’m gonna try and hit up both of these gems!


August 14, 2008